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Aditya Rubber Industries understand now days a  great demand of Teflon Components. As PTFE retains all its useful properties over a wide range of temperatures between -250 C to + 250 C.

PTFE is totally inert to all the chemicals - acid or alkalies, organic or inorganic. It offers excellent moisture resistant and is insoluble in all the sovents.

PTFE surface is anti - stik. Even the commercial adhesive do not form bonds with it. It also has the lowest co-efficient of friction. PTFE is an excellent insulator of electricity. Its Extremely low di- electric constant is retained at extremely high frequencies.

Bellows are used to compensate for thermal expansion misallingment of the line as well as to combat vibration and noise. PTFE bellows can be used at any temperature from -250 to +250 C and are excellent dampeners of noise and vibration.


Thread sealant tapes are availale in 1/2", 3/4", 1" widths. PTFE rope is available in circular cross section
(3m to 10 mm) and square cross section ( 4mm to 12.5 mm).
PTFE tubes/bushes are available in all sizes with OD ranging from 15 to 800 mm and ID ranging from 10 to 700 mm.

ARI offer a wide range of components specially fabricated to meet a client's specific requirements. May be sleeve for a plug or may be fairly complex like a ball valve consisting of 6 different or a stream sparger.