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Aditya Rubber Industries handles material like natural rubber, NBR(nitrile butadyne rubber), Silicon, Viton, HNBR (Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber) , SBR(Synthetic Butadyne Rubber) , Poly Euro Ethane.

We are having team of experts to solve all technical aspects of rubber components.


ARI Offers a wide range of products that comprises of the following

OilSeals, O-rings (range of ASTM series), bellows, Customised rubber components , mountings, boutes, Hoses, Diaphragm, Couplings , Rubber pads etc.


                 K-Rings and Square Rings



We manufacture premium quality O-Rings, will be consumed in all European, America, Korean, Japenese vehicles and machines. We are suppliers of all range of ASTM . Our O-Rings are truly as per OEM specification. We manufacture all kind of O-Rings using silicon, Nitrile, Neoprene, HNBR viton and Poly acrylic as per customers requirements/specification



Aditya Rubber Industries believes that a single seal can save numerous lives.
Of coarse we deal in complete sealing by seal through various rubbers.


ARI manufacture bellows rubberised/ non-rubberised with the combination (bonding)  of various rubber to metal wiz SS, MS, CI etc.