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Rubber Division

Customized Components

We offer a wide range of components specially fabricated to meet a client's specific requirements.

Orings and Seals

We are OEM supplier of ASTM series Orings and seals of various grade of rubber viz. HNBR, Viton, Silicon, Neoprene etc.

Couplings / Pressure Seals
We provide perfect sealing under certain pressure through coupling/ Pressure Seals as per our client's specification.

Grommets, Pipes, Bute and Bushes

We develop dust covers, pipes for pneumatic controls as per our buyer's demand.

Teflon Division


PTFE Rods in Diameter 6 to 200 mm and standard length of 300 mm.


We offer sheets of thickness between 1 to 25 mm in range of sizes 150 x 150 to 600 x 600 mm and above.

Specially fabricated components.
Our speciality is tapes and sheets with chemical treatment to enable bonding using any commercially available adhesive.


Plastic Division 

Virgin Derlin for electrical appliances
Naylon 66 and ULTEM 1000 for batteries covers/ Top.
Mountings of electric panel boards.
To enable us to Quote Please provide Drawing, specification, Application through fax/mail.